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Support for Software

WEOst Technicians are trained to fix any problems with computers. WEOst Technician's can assist in upgrade, set-up, installation.

Some common Software issues that we resolve are:

  • Update and install drivers for various peripherals like printers, scanners, cameras and other devices.
  • Fix configuration issues with peripheral devices such as routers, printers, scanners, speaker phones, cameras, mp3 players etc.
  • Cleaning up your Computer, Tune up your PC and make it run faster by removing unwanted applications or by fixing the registry files.


Computer and Installation Support for Applications

WEOst Technicians can help with a many problems that you may be encountering. We can help you in installation of any Applications for home computers. We can help you in diagnosing specific problems you may be running into such as computer running slow, possible malware infection or installing any application bought from the store, a particular feature not working, etc.


Our Support Boundaries cover following: